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How to Use Virtual University LMS in 2024-25?

by Usman CB
How to Use VU LMS in 2022

Are you a Virtual University student? Still don’t know How to Use Virtual University LMS in 2024-25? If yes then you landed at the right page.

In this complete guide, we will offer you best techniques and strategies that will help you to use lms in a unique way that will help you to get 3.75 CGPA at virtual university.

Before starting our specific discussion of How to Use Virtual University LMS in 2024-25? just look at the overview of Lms and what is this?

What is LMS And used For?

LMS is the abbreviation of Learning Management System. It is basically such a tool which is a web based technology and specifically used for the learning purposes.

LMS is mostly used for the betterment of consistency in the learning, getting better environment for e-learning.

Virtual University is using this tool and Web Based LMS is currently using at this university to make their students engaged and touched with University.

Why we highlight Web based LMS?

As we have discussed that virtual university is using web based Learning Management System. This is a such system that is remotely control and not only server based.

While it is a Web development based one which can be update on instant basis and time. Such websites or software applications or tools that can be update and changed by using web control is known as web based technology.

What are the Essential Credentials of LMS?

If you have understood that what is LMS and which LMS is using at Vu. Now it’s time to look at the essential elements of Vu LMS.

First and foremost thing is Virtual University LMS Id and Password. These two factors are such things that will act as a bridge and pillar. Because this Id like Bc200203545 and Mc18290456 is used to login the VU LMS.

Sketch of Vu LMS

In this section, we will see that what are the important sections on this tool. Such sections that will be the future need for us. In those buttons and tabs, some important ones are discussed;

  • Home
  • Grade Book
  • Account Book
  • Lecture Schedule
  • Study Scheme
  • Studied Courses
  • Student Services
  • Course Selection

These are the most important buttons and tabs that will be your basic need while using LMS. So, look at the complete details, to get better understanding.

How to Use Virtual University LMS in 2024-25?

Most important thing, we always needed for login your LMS is Vu LMS credentials. In those credentials ID and password included.

Just enter ID and Password click at the Sign-in button.

What are the Uses Of Different Tabs In LMS?

We glanced at the important tabs and buttons of LMS tool but now it’s time to focus on their uses and how to operate these for required result.

Home Tab

According to my point of view, home tab is the most important tab in this complete tool. Because, it has the following given information;

  • Each and every latest announcement by VU, you can access easily.
  • Assignment, GDB, Quiz or any other activity submission is only possible via this tab.
  • If you want to get the current result of any quiz, assignment or GDB, this tab will help you.
  • One most important thing according to my perception is complete details about your course and teacher also. You can get by clicking at this tab easily.

Grade Book

Do you want to look at your overall CGPA and Semester GPA? The only and only grade book is available for you to show you, your CGPA. Your overall result of all subjects as well as single subject will be add in this section.

Lecture Schedule

When your semester start at VU, this tab is update on weekly basis. But before start of the week you can get your upcoming lecture Schedule for the whole week in this tab.

Study Scheme

This button will you to access your all semesters subjects. This section will entail you which subjects will you read in the next semester or next of the next.

Studied Subjects or Courses

In this section, you can see your all studied Subjects and instructor’s who teach make you able to passed these subjects.

Student Services

According to my point of view, most useful as well as important tab after home is students services. Because this section will help you to access such services which are compulsory for a student of virtual university. Some important are;

  • Rechecking of Papers
  • Reschedule
  • Campus change
  • Migration Certificate request
  • Semester Freeze
  • Unfreeze the semester
  • Disable Students Performa

These are the few important information according to my point of view. But there are many more tabs and information that you can access easily to get better student services.

Course Selection

Most of the students don’t know about this tab, whether they are old or new students. This tab is use to select the new semester subject.

Note that new enroll students at Virtual University allot with pre selected subjects. So, this tab is for the semester 2 and all above.

You can manage your credit Hours by selecting, next semester as well as previous failed subjects by using this tab.

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Final Words

As we have discussed most of the things in detail, hope so you have understood many things about LMS as well as How to Use Virtual University LMS in 2024-25? Still you have question, you can ask us in comment section without any hesitation.

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