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Yatra SBI Credit Card And It’s Review

by Usman CB
Yatra SBI Credit Card

Yatra SBI Credit Card and it’s Review – A credit card for the budget-conscious traveler, the joining fee for Yatra SBI Credit Card (1st-year fee) is Rs.499 + Taxes.  The finance charge or interest rate on this card is up to 3.5% per month.

Key Highlights of Yatra SBI Credit Card

Travel Benefits offered by SBI Card-

  • Get Rs.1,000 off when you book a domestic flight for as low as Rs.5,000.
  • A discount of Rs 4,000 is given for international flight bookings of Rs 40,000 or more.
  • For domestic hotel bookings of Rs 3,000 and above, you can avail 20% discount.
  • Features and Benefits of Yatra SBI Card

Benefits of Joining:

  • 2 vouchers of Rs.500 each for domestic travel.
  • 2 vouchers adding up to Rs.1,000 each for an international flight
  • One voucher worth Rs 750 which is valid at the time of booking the hotel
  • Rs.1,500 vouchers for domestic holiday package
  • Rs 3,000 voucher for international holiday packages

Rewards Package:

Get 6 Reward Points for every Rs.100 spent on Departmental Stores, Grocery, Dining, Movies, Entertainment.

Expense Based Benefits:

If you spend one lakh rupees in a year then your annual fee will be waived off.

lounge access:

Enjoy 2 complimentary airport lounges every quarter at the domestic airport

Free Insurance:

Complimentary air accident insurance cover of Rs 50 lakh

Balance Transfer:

Pending credit from an existing credit card can be transferred to Yatra SBI Card through ‘Balance Transfer’.

24/7 Support:

Travel SBI cardholders can contact the SBI Card customer helpline to get assistance.

Fees and Charges of Yatra SBI Credit Card

Type of fees and chargesAmount
Annual feeRs.499
Renewal feeRs.499 (from second year)
Add-on feeNil
Interest rate3.5% per month
Cash payment feeRs.199
Cheque feeRs.100
Retrieval of StatementRs.100 per statement
Rewards redemption feeRs.99

Eligibility Criteria to Apply for Yatra SBI Card

Go to the ‘Simplifier’ page of the SBI website.

  • Select the privileges you want to get through your card.
  • Enter information about your income and monthly expenses.
  • If you are eligible for SBI Travel Card, it will appear on the page.
  • SBI Simply SAVE SBI Credit Card Review in English
  • SBI Simply Click Credit Card Card Review In Hindi|  SBI Credit Card


Documents needed to apply for Yatra SBI Credit Card

Proof of Identity and Proof of Residence:

  • Voter ID Card
  • Driver license
  • Passport

The letter is given by National Population Register

Receipt of Municipal Corporation or Property Tax

Pension letter

Permanent Account Number (PAN) Card

Proof of income

Your registered phone number and email id should be mentioned in the documents.  All documents should be self-attested.

Travel SBI Card

Worldwide Acceptance:

This credit card is accepted at 20 million outlets across the globe and 3,25,000 outlets in India. Balance Transfer: Pay your other credit card bills using SBI Credit Card and pay SBI Credit Card later as EMI at affordable interest rates.

Add-on Card:

The Cardholder can issue an additional card to his/her credit account for any person of 18 years of age in his/her family.

EMI Payment: 

Cardholders can pay their purchases in EMI. In this the cardholder has to pay some interest but the payment becomes easy.

Cash Facility: 

Cardholders can take cash equivalent to the credit limit from the bank in case of need for cash. For this, the bank will give a check or draft to the cardholder. In addition, the Cardholder’s Bank’s Terms and Conditions will be sent to the ATA by the Card.

Good News For Sbi Customers,

Now you will get every information about your credit card with a missed call.

SBI has today sent a message to its customers informing about how they can get credit card balance information by making a missed call on a number.

  • Although State Bank of India provides many facilities for its customers, but some such services are also provided by the bank which is very amazing. One of the facilities offered by SBI is very special, in which we can get information related to our card through missed call.
  • In fact, many times it happens that credit card holders do not get an idea about how much money they have spent in a month or what is their balance. In such a situation, you can get information related to your credit card by just giving a missed call. 
  • Regarding this, SBI constantly keeps on sending messages to its customers and also tells about the number on which your credit card information will be received as soon as you give a missed call.
  • SBI has informed its customers about this by sending a message even today. The message sent by the bank reads, “Dear cardholders, just give a missed call and get instant information about your SBI credit card account. For BALANCE ENQUIRY- Dial- 8422845512.
  • For Credit & CASH limit details- Dial- 8422845513, For Reward point details- Dial- 8422845514, For Payment History- Dial- 8422845515”

What is an Add-on SBI Card?

An add-on card is an additional card issued to your credit card account with the same features as your main credit card. It can be issued to family members.

SBI Yatra Credit Card And Reviews FAQs

Q1-Can I have an add-on cardholder for the Yatra SBI Card?

Ans- Yes, SBI allows you to have an add-on cardholder who is at least 18 years old.

Q2- Travel by SBI What are the card replacement charges for SBI Credit Card members?

Ans- State Bank of India charges Rs 100 for the replacement of lost or damaged cards.

Q3-Is there any minimum limit while doing rewards redemption for Yatra SBI customers?

Ans- Yes, to do redemption, customers must have at least 1,000 reward points available on the Yatra SBI Card.

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